Paysage de l’intime, curators : Marie-Ève G. Castonguay and Catherine Granche

Paysage de l’intime, curators : Marie-Ève G. Castonguay & Catherine Granche

Paysage de l’intime brings together the work of eight artists from across Canada: Bridget Catchpole (BC), Marie-Eve G. Castonguay (QC), Catherine Granche (QC), Clarissa Long (BC), K. Claire MacDonald (NS), Pamela Ritchie (NS), Catherine Sheedy (QC) and Kye-Yeon Son (NS). This exhibition explores the relationship to landscape and nature, a recurring theme in visual arts and contemporary craft practices. A source of inspiration, our surrounding environment leads us to questions of provenance, environmental impacts and power relations between humans and nature. As a medium to be transformed, the landscape and its elements become raw materials used as a means of expression.

The landscape awakens a sense of belonging, cultural identity, and sometimes even nostalgia. Its influence can be addressed through a direct or dreamlike contact. Inspired by its modification or its alternation through human intervention, landscape as a subject allows for the interpretation of evocative and meaningful forms and materials, and for social and environmental questions. Nature and its landscapes are markers in time, like beacons that situate us in society and in the world, as well as in our own individual journey.


We depend on our environment just like it depends on us, from being shaped, manipulated and conditioned by our activities, our rituals and our fantasies. Like talismans looking to immortalize fragments of places, the pieces presented in the exhibition commemorate, poetically and enigmatically, the intimate story of various landscapes and various minds.