Matthieu Cheminée

At the age of 19 Matthieu Cheminée moved to Taos New-Mexico, where he fell in love with Native American jewelry. For 7 years he learned Navajo, Zuni and Hopi techniques and then he moved to Mali in West Africa to learn techniques from Fulani, Bambara and Touareg jewelers.

Matthieu have been living in Montreal for 17 years. On arrival, he joined a jewelry school to obtain a more classical training. For the past 15 years he have been teaching and giving workshops as well as traveling regularly to West Africa to research and study techniques.

He wrote a book called “Legacy, jewelry techniques of West Africa”, showing techniques and biographies of those amazing jewelers. Tim McCreight and Matthieu created the Toolbox initiative, an organization to help jewelers in West Africa, in 2014.