Despo Sophocleous

Despo Sophocleous holds a BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from NSCAD University, Halifax (2004-2008) and a graduate degree from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (2008-2015). Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in the collections of Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, and the CODA Museum, the Netherlands. She has received several awards, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Artistic Achievement, from the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, and the Herbert Hofmann Award.

“Movement and creating movement is how I choose to represent and express my thoughts and feelings about one’s sense of place. While maps and the spaces they create have been sources of inspiration in the development of my work, it is also the physical and emotional elements associated with place that allow me to create pieces, which represent and document movement, change and transformation in time and space.”